When a visitor lands on a new website, it is the initial impression that influences the person to stay on the website. But what really make an impact is the navigation and the immediate bunch of information at their disposal. And this is what the website page is all about. A website page is the page that adds on information to the website and goes into the navigation bar.

A website page is one of the crucial places of information that users browse through. While it is needed for the information to be crisp and detailed, it is also important to design and build these pages smartly. Doubting on how to build a website page? Take cue here!

Create a web page

A website page is an extension of the web page. But unlike the web page that can be a secondary source of information, website page is primary. Creating a website page is simple. After you log in to WordPress, scroll through the pages tab and click on the ‘Add New Page’ option. This takes you to a blank web page. Here there is space for all sorts of design and sections that you would want to keep in a page. Depending upon your visuals, you can add the details to this page.

Change the metrics to website page

A web page stays a web page until you add it to the navigation bar and turn it into a website page. To do this, you need to work on the URL and location of the page. On the web page itself there is option to customize the visibility, location, parent and order of the page. Just select the right tool and heading where the page needs to be displayed. On changing these metrics the website page shows under the tab you want to get it featured.

Upload the information

Once the metrics have been set, add the content to the page. Select from the sections you would want in the page and delete the rest. Add information with the help of text, images, videos and more to make it a comprehensive page. Once your piece is ready, work on the SEO of the page too as this is one of the primary source of traffic for the website.

After all the changes and additions have been made to the web page, make the post live by clicking on ‘publish’. This instantly makes the website page appear on the location it should appear on. Cross check with the website and start sharing.