The first impression of a product can trigger a sale. It is not surprising that brands spend massive money on customized boxes, so that customers can find the packaging tempting enough to pick the product. The basic purpose of a product box is to protect the item from damages. Simple aspects, such as the size, shape, dimensions and nature, of a product determine the customization process, and while logistics need attention, branding and marketing are equally critical pointers. If your company is attempting custom packaging and needs help with premium box manufacturing, we recommend that you check tips listed below.

Make this an experience

If you check a few vlogs for product reviews, you will realize that vloggers often talk extensively about the packaging. From the time a customer buys the product, to the point where he opens the box, it’s a journey of sorts. The product packaging needs to be a thought-out process, so that customer thinks of it as an experience. Every wondered why boxes for diamond rings are so simple? The idea is to create an unboxing experience that people can look forward to.

Share your brand value

A customized product box obviously needs to talk about necessary details, but it is also a branding billboard. Packaging can help people in identifying your brand, so you need to find ways to catch attention. For example, many brands are now offering customized reusable boxes, with a small line like “for you to keep”. Reusable boxes allow customers to have a second item for free, while also reminding them about the brand.

Make it interactive

A good box with great graphics doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, some of the best product boxes are simplistic and minimal in terms of design. Design experts always try to add details that can make the box more interactive and interesting for the end user. They should have a sneak peek of the item they are trying to buy, but there should be enough of surprise element, as well.

If you company doesn’t have the resources required to design customized boxes, a wise idea is to find a manufacturer who specializes in tailored packaging. They can offer assistance on the relevant aspect, including structural conceptualization and creative design. Their graphics team can help in creating a layout and necessary imagery that will define your brand but not increase the cost of production drastically.